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Manuscripts sent to the editors should contain

1. Covering letter (1 copy) sent by e-mail in the form of a scanned document with authors’ signatures or traditional mail in which:

  • the first author requests the Editorial Office to print the manuscript and suggests the title in the journal. It is unequivocal with the author’s formal agreement to publish manuscript and handling over publishing rights. The publisher acquires on the principle of exclusiveness the whole of the copyrights for the manuscripts publishing including the right for printing in the form of electronic files and also in Internet.
  • The author indicates the title of the manuscript and full names of co-authors;
  • The author provides a statement that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere and was not submitted completed or in part to another editorial office;
  • The author confirms that the manuscript approved for printing will not be published (completed or in parts) in other publishers in Poland or abroad without obtaining a written consent from editorial office of “Medycyna Środowiskowa - Environmental Medicine”;
  • The author provides a statement that all co-authors are aware and approve of the content of the text received;
  • The author provides a statement that individuals involved in the research had no relationships with the third parties which might influence the objective interpretation of the results (lack of conflict of interests);
  • Signature accompanied by the academic degree and the post. 

    covering note and author`s declaration 

2. Text in English and/or Polish - 1 copy (details in Technical requirements for publication);

  • Electronic form of the manuscript by enclosing a compact disc with the manuscript and submitting it via electronic mail to the editorial office address:; or in case of traditional mail by enclosing the text on electronic files (CD).  

    Editorial Office address:
    Instytut Medycyny Pracy i Zdrowia Środowiskowego
    „Medycyna Środowiskowa – Environmental Medicine” Journal
    Kościelna 13 Street
    41-200 Sosnowiec

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