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Manuscripts should be structured as following

1. The title page containing:

  • Title of the manuscript in Polish and English;
  • Full names of the authors;
  • Full affiliation of the authors: names of departments in which the work has been performed and the name of the Institute in which the departments function, academic degrees, initials of the first name and full last name of the head of the department and also the director of the Institution;
  • Contributions;
  • Address for correspondence (usually the address of the first author ) with telephone number and e-mail address. 

2. Abstract in Polish and English (200-250 words) with full names of authors, title of the manuscript and key words underneath (3-5 index terms or key words in Polish and English describing the content of the manuscript contained in Medical Subject Headings – MeSH). In case of original works abstract should contain short description of the objective, methods, results and conclusions according to the main content of the manuscript. 

3. Text in original works should be divided into following sections:

  • Introduction must be concise and present the issue in the context of current state of knowledge and clearly formulate the objective (hypothesis and research problem);
  • Materials and methods should present all crucial elements of the study report and data analysis. It is recommended to use metric (SI). Abbreviations of specific terminology should be indicated in parenthesis following the full name and then can be used in the text;
  • Results should include information which will enable the reader (regardless of the section “Discussion”) to keep up with the course of study and the verification of conclusions drawn up by the authors. Tables should be numbered with Roman numerals (Tab. I, II, III) . Title of the table (compulsory in Polish and English) should be placed directly above the Table. If necessary explanations should be placed under the Table enabling unmistakable interpretation of its content and explaining used acronyms.
    Cross reference in the text for tables should be of Roman numerals (Tab. I, II, III) cross reference for Figures should be of Arabic numerals (Fig. 1, 2, 3). Figures (in jpg or tif format) only in black and white should be developed with computer technique or copied on photographic glossy paper showing the figure numeral underneath (Arabic numerals Fig. 1, 2, 3) and the name of the figure (compulsory in Polish and English). Tables and figures should be eligible and comprise data allowing for complete understanding of presented results (informative title, clarification of the abbreviations applied, and indication of statistical tests results). Figures can not copy information from the tables;
  • Discussion should include critical review of the results in relation to the objective of the research. One should avoid duplication of research results and aim for the most important perceptions essential, according to the authors, differences, dependencies, trends, etc. enabling verification of adopted hypothesis in case of original contributions.
    Discussion must include the current knowledge within the topic of the manuscript supported by data from references;
  • Conclusions concisely formulated, research conclusions (without copying research results). 
  • Acknowledgment (not obligatory) should emphasize the input of all individuals who assisted in carrying out research and who can not be incorporated into the team of authors (i.e. assistants, technicians, heads of units providing only general support. 

4. Text in review articles:

  • The introduction must be concise present the issue in the context of current scientific knowledge and formulate explicitly the objective of the study (hypothesis, research problem);
  • Sections of the main text;
  • Conclusions - summarizing the problem. 

5. List of references: this section should contain all references cited in the text in order of citation and not in alphabetical order of authors’ surnames. In the text one should mark the right position of references by indicating the number in square brackets at the end of a sentence in which appropriate positions are cited.

One should keep the given format below:

  • for manuscripts from journals (one should apply abbreviations of journals’ titles according to Index Medicus; Each reference should contain year of publication, volume number, numbers of the first and last pages according to the examples of references listed below: Samet J.M.: A historical and epidemiologic perspective on respiratory symptomsquestionnaires. Am J Epidemiol 1978; 108: 435-445;
  • for books the title should be followed by the name of publishing company, place, year of issue and a page or pages for example: Cotes J.E.: Lung Function. Assessment and Application in Medicine. Fifth Ed. Blackwell 3, Scientific Publications, Oxford 1993: 445.
  • for chapters and manuscripts in books an author should be indicated and chapter title and farther like for books for example: Balmes J.R.: Outdoor air pollution (w:) Harber P., Schenker M.B., Balmes J.R. (ed.): Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Disease. Mosby-Year Book, Inc., St.Louis 1996: 808-826. 

Please reveal maximum three first authors of the cited manuscript followed by “”.
The list should not exceed 30 entries in case of review and original articles and in case of casuistic articles 15 entries.

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