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Reviewing procedure

The manuscripts submitted to the editors are reviewed by the editor in chief, thematic editor and secretary of the editorial office under substantive and formal context. Any article which does not meet the requirements and/or does not fall within thematic scope of the journal will be returned to the author without being reviewed. The editors reserve the right to make necessary changes and abbreviations without notifying the author(s).

Upon acceptance the manuscript is forwarded for substantive review to two independent reviewers outside the author’s workplace. In case of texts in a foreign language at least one of the reviewers is affiliated to a foreign institution other than author’s nationality. Authors and reviewers do not know their names therefore the standard double-blind review is preserved.

In case when the review is concluded with clear statement to reject the manuscript (final conclusion of a substantive reviewer reads as follows: “should be rejected as not qualifying for publication”, the author is informed accordingly and the publication is withhold. When the manuscript obtains a positive opinion (the final conclusion of the reviewer is: “qualified for publication in the form sent for the review” should be returned to the author to make necessary corrections and amendments recommended by the reviewers and then published without another review; should be returned to the author to introduce amendments recommended by the reviewers and then published after another review). At that moment the manuscript is sent to other reviewers: statistic and language.

After each stage of the review the manuscript is submitted to the authors to let them introduce amendments according to tips of the reviewer. In case of lack of reply the reviewing procedure is stopped. Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication in “Medycyna Środowiskowa - Environmental Medicine” the first author receives the galley proof which after introducing any necessary corrections should be returned to the editors within three days. Otherwise the manuscript will be published in the form sent for correction. 

More information is available from the editors. 

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