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   The journal `Medycyna ¦rodowiskowa - Environmental Medicine` covers the following topics from mainly the Upper and Lower Silesia area (Poland): epidemiology of environmental health risk factors and environment related health disorders, preventive medicine, physical and biological health hazards, air and water pollution and its influence on health, social environment and its impact on physiology and pathology, the environmental toxicology, particularly concerning the heavy metals intoxication, chemical burden e.g. with the Persistent Organic Pollutants, pesticides, PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), school hygiene, nutrition and overweight, life style and its influence on health, problems concerning physical activity, epidemiology of non-infectious diseases connected with environmental factors, climate change and its impact on human health, i.a.
   Each volume of the journal consists of the editorial papers, original articles, reviews, the reports from the conferences, dealing with the environmental health of adults and children. Most of the papers refer to environmental health problems in Upper and Lower Silesia area, which are one of the most industrialized, most urbanized and densely populated and most polluted regions in Poland as well. All those problems were the reason why the journal came into being in Sosnowiec/Upper Silesia as the first of this profile in Poland. The scope of subjects of interest gradually broadened from related to the local health hazards to the problems of national or even global significance. Every year there are published short reports presenting the review of conferences held under auspices of the Polish organizations dealing with the environmental medicine and environmental health (Pol.Soc.Env.Med.; Pol.Paed.Soc. Pol.Soc. Family Doctors or NGO-s). The journal is the only one edited in Poland specialized journal devoted exclusively to environmental medicine and environmental health problems. It aims to exchange and spread the scientific data and provide a practical knowledge useful for the environmental medical workers (physicians and nurses), sanitary and hygienic staff, nutritionists, authority representatives, NGO activists, social workers, students, bachelors of science, masters of science, Ph.D. students and scientist as Ph.D., professors.
  "Medycyna ¦rodowiskowa - Environmental Medicine" leads open access model of publishing (OA). Available since 1998, the journal has gained reputation of excellence along the years. All published papers are issued free in electronic form, given the free circulation and availability through Internet and international professionals are potential readers. Papers written in English are accepted with priority to publication. Abstracts in papers written in Polish always obligatory are bilingual – Polish and English. It should be noted that all tables and illustrations from papers in Polish have translated descriptions. All papers contain a title, an abstract and the key words in English, selected with consideration of the terms contained in `Medical Subjects Headings` MeSH. Each volumes of the journal are reviewed by two free double-blind reviews, lingual and statistic editors and meet high ethical standards. The quality of the layout, printing, graphics, and illustrations is professional as the journal is edited by Mr Grzegorz Swoboda, a professional editor. Commercial papers or any advertising content are not published in the journal. Publishing in `M¦-EM` is free. The journal is printed on acid-free paper.
   Authors represent the acknowledged institutes and universities. For several issues the editorials are written by world known authors particularly from USA or European countries (e.g. Germany, Hungary), and occasionally by the authors from Eastern Europe (for example: Lithuania, Slovakia). Some reviews are considered as international key references (e.g. the paper by David Bellinger, Marc Miller, Robert Malina and others). The journal is used as a training stuff by the students of Public Health faculties or other faculties related to that area of environmental health (Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Environmental Hygiene and others). The journal is opened to general reviews, original researches and case reports. Papers are published in Polish and English. The high standards of the reviewing process allow publication of suitable quality documents, which are confirmed by of citations in the scientific literature.
   Medycyna ¦rodowiskowa - Environmental Medicine` is an official journal of the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health and the Polish Society of Environmental Medicine. According to the standardized list of awarded journals the Ministry of Science and Higher Education graded the journal 8 points for the year 2015. The Fact sheet Index Copernicus Journals Masters List for the year 2014 `Medycyna ¦rodowiskowa - Environmental Medicine` received 6,35 points.
   The journal has been constantly available since 1998. Its publisher is the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health and the Polish Society of Environmental Medicine. Quarterly `Medycyna ¦rodowiskowa - Environmental Medicine` is co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Open Access Policy:
This journal provides immediate Open Access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public.

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This journal is licensed under a CC BY 3.0 PL:

Medycyna ¦rodowiskowa - Environmental Medicine: 2018 Vol. 21/4
Issue2018 Vol. 21/4                          
eISSN 2084-6312                             
MNiSW Value8,0
ICV™ Value72,16
Number of pages      77
Month            October - December

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